What Our Advisers are Saying

Leading Edge

Terry May ChFC, CLU, from Greenville, Ohio, joined cfd Investments in 1990

“Why cfd Investments? I continue to work with cfd Investments because they are leading edge. The officers attend several conferences every year. They not only know what is currently working and the trends this year…they know what the trends will be in 5 years. The goal of cfd Investments is to grow with the adviser.”

Puts You First

Gene Griffin CFP, RFC, from Terre Haute, Indiana, joined cfd Investments in 2001

“Many years ago we spent three hours with Mick and Brent Owens and decided that cfd Investments was the place for us. It has been the BEST career move of my life. What a pleasure it is to be involved with a company that ALWAYS puts you first. A company that is always REACHING out to help you in anyway that they can. A company that is QUICK to respond to any need or question that we might have to HELP us serve our clients in the very best way possible. Thanks you guys; You’re the GREATEST.”

Great Resources

Peter Passalacqua CFP, from Hillsborough, New Jersey, joined cfd Investments in 2002

"When something does come up or when I need advice I have someone to talk to. I can reach out to Brent and I can ask for some of his time and he takes the time to talk to you if you need some advice or are dealing with a challenging situation. I love to be able to make that phone call and talk to Kris Hale or Kregg Rooze. They accommodate me and they are there when I need them. They are very, very good at being great resources."

Exemplary Service

Bill Gettings CFP, CLU, ChFC, from Lafayette, Indiana, joined cfd Investments in 2002

"As a Certified Financial Planner practitioner, the ability to offer our clients independent advice is critical. We must be able to access information and financial products quickly and easily. Our clients expect exemplary service and we are able to deliver it because of our relationship with cfd Investments. Change is all around us and we believe we are leaders as a result of our affiliation with cfd Investments, Inc."


Edward Camp, CFP, CLU, ChFC, from Mishawaka, Indiana, joined cfd Investments in 2001

"Brent Owens is one of the most sincere and genuine individuals I have ever known. It is for that reason I consistently turn down promises and offers from other BD’s on a regular basis. I can foresee nothing that could sway me from cfd."

Credible Broker Dealer

Kent LaLonde CFP and Gina LaLonde, from Mission Vejo, California, joined cfd Investments in 2005

"If you want a credible Broker Dealer that has integrity, honesty and availability; cfd investments is a great place to come."

Service and Help

Jan Packard CFP, from Logansport, Indiana, joined cfd Investments in 2010

"I get a lot of service and help. I just found for planning and for managed accounts in particular, which my practice does focus on, CFD was by far and away the best provider I could find."

Coast to Coast

We have advisers across the United States. From California to New York, Minnesota to Florida and many points in between.

Serving Advisers

We are committed to Serving Advisers in a Christ-like manner, believing you cannot push someone to the top of the mountain without getting there yourself. Brent Owens, President

A Resource

We are a resource for you! Let us know what you need to provide the service and products your clients need. Kregg Rooze, Managed Accounts Director


Our key strengths include our commitment to being a firm of integrity regardless of circumstances, our commitment to helping our advisers serve their clients in the manner we would like to be served if we were in their circumstances, and our commitment to placing our mission of helping people achieve their goals and objectives before the commission earned by our Advisers.

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Advisory Services are offered through Creative Financial Designs, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser, and Securities are offered through cfd Investments, Inc., a Registered Broker/Dealer, Member FINRA & SIPC, 2704 S. Goyer Rd., Kokomo, IN 46902. 765-453-9600.