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Learn more about cfd Investments and how we serve our Advisers.

We provide you with the support, tools, techniques, quality financial products, and technologies for the achievement of your clients’ financial goals.


We Believe “You Gotta Have a Plan!” We are devoted to bringing you and your clients top quality comprehensive Investment Management and Financial Planning Services. Let us show you how we can provide the right services and products that your clients need and require to meet their financial goals!


Everyone needs a financial plan. Good sales people should be sitting in front of people – not a computer developing financial plans. Technology must support the needs of your clients. A well organized planning department should be available to develop customized comprehensive financial plans for the adviser’s clients.


We are committed to helping you serve your clients with the highest level of integrity, and establishing a way for you to distinguish your practice from the rest. We will work with you to create the distinction you need by using the tools, technology, and knowledge we have available for you.

What Our Advisers Are Saying!

Puts You First

Gene Griffin from Terre Haute, Indiana

“Many years ago we spent three hours with Mick and Brent Owens and decided that cfd Investments was the place for us. It has been the BEST career move of my life. What a pleasure it is to be involved with a company that ALWAYS puts you first. A company that is always REACHING out to help you in anyway that they can. A company that is QUICK to respond to any need or question that we might have to HELP us serve our clients in the very best way possible. Thanks you guys; You’re the GREATEST.”

Depth of Service

Lisa Raderstorf from Logansport, Indiana

“With the depth and complexity of industry offerings and the ever-changing nature of the industry itself, knowledge is power.  And cfd puts that power at their advisors’ fingertips.  They provide an accessible, responsive and knowledgeable support team that truly cares about you and your clients and will provide you with solutions for your business processes. If you’re looking for the best Independent Broker Dealer to match the needs of your practice, look no further. You’ve found them.”

Leading Edge

Terry May from Greenville, Ohio

“I continue to work with cfd Investments because they are leading edge. The officers attend several conferences every year. They not only know what is currently working and the trends this year…they know what the trends will be in 5 years. The goal of cfd Investments is to grow with the adviser.”


Our technology provides Wall Street Benefits at Main Street Cost with Heartland Integrity. By integrating portions of our content into your personal website, the opportunity exists to dramatically enhance your practice.


We offer one of the highest available payouts in the Financial Services Industry. All advisers will start 2022 at 75%, 85%, 88%, or 90% based on your 2021 year-ended Gross Dealer Concession (GDC).


cfd Investments, Inc., our Registered Broker/Dealer, member FINRA and SIPC provides quality investment products for specific financial objectives!

Brent Owens
cfd Investments, Inc.
Kregg Rooze
Vice President
Creative Financial Designs, Inc.
Steve Bullof
cfd Investments, Inc.


We are dedicated to providing Financial Advisers with the necessary support, tools, techniques, quality financial products, and technologies for the achievement of their clients’ goals and objectives through a team of home office personnel committed to serving advisers in a Christ-like manner, believing you cannot push someone to the top of the mountain without getting there yourself.